Living Room Styles - 3

3 modern living room styles

Living rooms are very important parts of our houses. There are lots of people in the world having different types of living rooms designed for them. People love to decorate their living rooms differently and this is very normal. This has been going on since a very early period of the civilizations. In other words, you could say, history of humanity can be viewed through the history of living room styles. This is because time changes peoples’ taste and lifestyles. And living room is an integral part of their living places. So, this makes the style of the living room very relevant in modern world. In fact, modern time is brewing with different ideas and trends. Living rooms are not spared from them. Let us discuss three modern living room styles.

  1. Blue is the warmest color

Blue could be the main color of your living room. A blue living room can have some specific impact on your brain as well. This is a scientific fact that the color blue helps us removing anxiety from our minds. This is why psychiatrists worldwide prescribe depressed patients to find open blue sky at some point of the day when the sun is dim. So, making blue as the dominant color for your bedroom could be a brain friendly style you could follow. However, apart from blue, you could use white as a complementary color in your living room. The furniture pieces should match the tone of the dominant color. The carpet should also reflect the same. However, lighting can be bright to match the dimness inside the room.

  1. Classic red and gold

A living room with classic style must have red hue as the dominant color. In this case you can choose the cover of the couch and chairs with red velvet fabric. The carpet could be a red Persian rug that have nice designs. The light fixtures should be chandeliers with red crystals. The color of the chandelier should include both red and gold. You can use a chandelier that has gold plated frame. The lighting would emit red color in your room. The overall look of such living room would imitate that of a classic one.

  1. Modern black and yellow

Black and yellow would bring a dark tone to your living room. Living room styles that include black are very modern and elegant.

Living room style should be chosen with care because it showcases your taste.

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