Decorating A Living Room - 6

Important tips for decorating a living room

Creating a comfortable living room is all about managing space, creating suitable seating and decorating, so that it looks attractive. A perfect living room attracts everyone’s attentions and provides a comfortable feel. We are provided with the natural gifts of imagination and exploration. You need not to be perfect for decorating a living room. There are some tips and tricks by using which you can give a beautiful decoration to your living room.

Choose an attractive Color

The colors chosen by you will have the effect on everyone’s eyes. There are wide variety of colors available with different shades and tones. Each color looks differently on different houses. You might want to pick the color, which is energetic and attractive to your eyes.

Furniture Arrangement

You should give your furniture some room to breathe. Never overcrowd a room, optimize the available space. If you don’t have much space in your living room, then don’t spend your valuable money for buying extra furniture. Instead you should buy some small but quality things.

Artwork Placement

Place the artwork in your room at a suitable height. Placement should be done for human scale, not for structure’s scale. You should determine by creating a picture first, this will give you an idea about the correct placement. Place the artwork at right height so that it should look attractive to the eyes.

Focal Point

A focal point is very essential in a living room, as it anchors the whole room. Your focal point should draw the attention of your guests. Focal point can be anything like an art piece or a Television. Television can be the true center of attraction in your decoration.


The lighting in the living room should provide the relaxed and comfortable feeling. Arrange the lights so that they provide a good distribution in the whole living room.

Edit the Collectibles

Don’t try to hang a piece that doesn’t fit. If you forcefully try to do something stupid, then it will not be helpful for decorating a living room. If you really love that piece, then don’t throw away, you can keep it for future usage, or to gift someone.

Be Creative

People may give you some guidelines for decorating a living room. Don’t follow those guidelines if they won’t gives you any benefits. Do something creative that will bring a smile on your face. Just listen to your heart and choose only those things, which will make your living room more attractive.

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