Living Room Design Ideas - 2

Living room design ideas to give a new look to your home

A living room is the place you entertain your guests, watch TV, spend time with your family, play and relax after a long day. This room should be well decorated to offer all the comfort for relaxing. So having comfortable recliners and sofas you can make this the best place in the household. A centre table and corners with vases can also be added to this room.

How to give the living Room a new Look

Place a Sofa in the centre of the living room with a framed landscape painting on the wall above it. In front of the sofa place a coffee table with a carpet under it. The sofa should be strong and durable with a wooden frame. The back, seat and arms should be well padded with foam and upholstered in polyester fabric providing a comfortable seat. On the side of the sofa place a corner table with a vase of flowers.

In front of the adjacent wall place a love seat with an ottoman in front of it. The love seat is also built with a solid wood frame with padding of foam and upholstered in linen fabric. In the corner is placed a recliner with swivel mechanism.

A Living Room that you will Love to spend your time

Living room design ideas are simply not easy to come by.  You can check on the space available and then arrange the furniture and give it a new look. If you have the old fire place in your home then spruce it up. Have wallpaper on the wall above the fireplace and arrange a few antiques on the mantel piece. In front on the fire place to the right place a big sofa that can seat four.

Opposite the sofa place the two sofa chairs with a matching ottoman in the centre. In front of the sofa place a coffee table with a glass top.

A small and Cozy Living Room to relax

According to living room design ideas, a sofa is a must for every living room. It needs to be strong and comfortable to relax and to entertain your guests. Two wall cupboards in the corner on the wall can portray all the artifacts you have collected on your holidays. A teapoy by the side of the sofa can hold a lamp.

A small center table in front of the sofa will help you to place your cup of tea while you relax. So relax and rejuvenate yourself  before  you attend to your household chores.

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